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Singular Apartments

About us

Singular Team

We are professionals in the accommodation sector. We offer unique experiences to our customers through a bespoke, personalised service. We achieve this thanks to the human and professional quality of our team, and because of our commitment to technological innovation and continuous improvement in all work processes.

Singular Mission

To be a leading company in holiday accommodation management, building unique experiences for our customers, and providing added value where we can. To achieve this, we preserve our family nature, taking care of our customers, employees, employees and owners.


Customer focus and personalised service. Our goal is to make the customer feel special and build bespoke experiences.

We share knowledge, experiences and initiatives across the team. We give our best, take responsibility for our work, and evolve every day so that we can achieve excellence.

We define ourselves as honest, respectful, committed, and proud to belong to a family business.

Our ethos is to improve ourselves every day. We aim for efficiency in all processes with a view to excellence, and adaptation to the latest market technologies.

Our mission is developed within a respectful relationship with our surroundings, taking care of the environment as part of the services offered to our customers and suppliers.

Our History

More than 10 years ago Singular Apartments was launched into the world of tourism, as pioneers in managing holiday apartments in the city of Seville.

Today Singular Apartments has more than 70 apartments and 200 beds all located in the historic centre of the city.

Our goal is to assemble as much holiday accommodation as we can, to allow us to offer a wide variety of experiences to everyone who visits us. Our track record has been possible thanks to the input of all our customers in recent years.


Olga is responsible for shaping this project. A law graduate who is passionate about interior design, she decided to leave her profession to pursue her vocation: managing holiday accommodation in order to help create experiences for visitors to the city of Seville.


You can see the individuality of our apartments in each one’s exquisite and varied decor, the high quality of the fabrics, and the sumptuousness of the furniture.

All this is enhanced by the light which each of them radiates and the greatest comfort for rest.

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